Rica Smith De Da Luz loves to take things apart, make stuff from scratch, write and sing, feed people, draw on and love them.

She may be found in trees, at foggy beaches, thrift stores and live shows. She does event design, entertainment, culinary adventures and ceremony globally. Homebase is the amazing community at the Tannery Arts Center located in Santa Cruz, CA. This emerging center is the birthplace of her most creative works to date.


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Message via email: ricalaunica@gmail.com


Take a peek at www.sacredpoets.com and invite us to your town. We’d love to share with you.


As one half of the evolving Artnership, Sacred Poets, she and Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour are on a mission to share love, laughter, and artivism. ∞ Paz y Amor!

Motherlovin' Poems by Rica Smith De La Luz