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What We Do

Poets, Partners, Twin Flame Artivators

We deliver multimedia experiences. The genuine curiosity and adaptability that we both share has resulted in an artistic fluency across several forms of expression. Sacred Poets is an opportunity for us to focus our energy on Visual and Performing Arts while expanding our community locally and globally. 

Sacred Poets: collaborations of art, poetry and messages of love, peace, and balance through wearable art. We feature our own creative works. Connect with and, maybe, book us for virtual workshops and poetry readings.


Who We Are

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Rica Smith de la Luz is a mestiza artist, who grew up, and also raised a daughter in  Santa Cruz, California. Her passion for feeding people and nourishing them on all levels brings her into their most honored celebrations as a naqasha (henna artist), dancer and private chef. As a wild-crafter and naturalist, she believes in food as medicine. She draws inspiration from nature and folk art, and the wisdom of her ancestors. Her ink studies and henna drawings  are featured in the Sacred Poets line of activated apparel. She is available for mural commissions, tattoo design, and private events.


Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour is a Poet, Artist and Emcee from the Midwest now living in Santa Cruz. A Filipino and French Creole fiasco, he has struggled as a young parent and worked countless jobs. Today, his Daughters are grown, he has true love in his life and he wants to share his art, his heart, with you. 

As a member of The Legendary Collective and co-curator of The Santa Cruz Word Church, a weekly poetry open mic, he consciously works to contribute to a strong community of poets, emcees and writers in Santa Cruz. 


Upcoming Events

6th Annual San Jose Poetry Festival Small Press Fair
Sun, Sep 13
Small Press Fair
Sep 13, 1:00 PM
Small Press Fair
Sunday 9-13-20 around 1pm. Short set. I'm here for the poems.

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